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E Renters Insurance Made Simple

By Mike Heuer

Renters insurance provides protection for your valuables in the event of a house fire, windstorm or other unforeseen problem. Without a policy in place, your landlord’s homeowners insurance protects his building, however, you may find yourself not only in the street with nowhere to live, but without clothing to wear because it was all burned up in the fire. It would be hard to argue against the importance of a good renters insurance policy, but like many others, you are pressed for time. Going from insurance agent to agent is time consuming. Today you can locate, study and choose the best renters insurance for your life right on the Internet. With the advent of e renters insurance, protecting your belongings is easy.

When researching renters insurance plans, it is important to compare apples to apples. You will need to choose an amount of coverage you wish to buy. Typically, minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of $50,000 is offered in $10,000 increments.  While getting quotes from different companies, be sure that each quote is based on the same maximum coverage amount so that it is an accurate comparison.

In addition to comparing identical coverage amounts, be sure your e renters insurance shopping includes identical variables. For example, if you want the policy to include an additional rider for the antique diamond rings your grandmother left to you, include such a rider in every company’s quote so it is a true apples to apples comparison. Most policies include lodging expenses in the event your rental is uninhabitable. Be sure each quote has the same maximum lodging coverage listed for an accurate comparison.

To choose the amount of coverage to buy, you need to know the approximate value of your belongings. This too can be done through the Internet. First, make a list of what is in your home that you want to cover. Categorize items into furniture, clothing, appliances and miscellaneous. Next, go Internet shopping. You won’t really buy things, but you can research what it would cost to replace your belongings in today’s market. Mark the prices down next to the items on your list. Add it all up, and that is the amount of replacement value you enter to the online calculator at the insurance quote site.

Liability and Miscellaneous Coverage

Be sure to include liability coverage in your quote requests. Liability coverage protects you from personal liability if someone is hurt on your property. Whether it is a dog bite, a slip and fall or the neighbor believes you have libeled him to the complex management and sues you, liability coverage protects you from personal financial responsibility. As with protecting your belongings, you will need to choose a limit to how much coverage you get. Your state may have limits on how much or how little this amount can be. If so, the online website worksheet typically calculates the minimum requirements for you.

Benefits of E Renters Insurance Quotes

When you shop for your renters insurance online you can pull up side-by-side quotes to see who is offering the best coverage for the least expensive premiums. Variables are adjusted with the click of a mouse, and totals are recalculated in seconds.

Shopping from the comfort of home makes the entire process less stressful. Buying renters insurance can be done at commercial breaks during Monday night football,  lounging in bed on a Saturday morning or any time you feel like turning on the computer.

Many apartment complexes and private landlords now require tenants to provide proof of renters insurance before signing the lease. You don’t have to take time off work to get this done. Use our site to find coverage, input your credit card and print off the policy to take to the landlord in the morning when you pick up the keys.