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College Students Have A Great Need For Renters Insurance
By Mike Heuer

When going off to school, most students and their parents are concerned more about things like paying for textbooks, buying computer equipment, getting a bicycle, scooter or car and having some way to stay entertained during down times from the study hall. But few bother to invest in the one thing that can protect the items students need while at school, and that thing is renters insurance.

College students are highly vulnerable to losses due to theft, and many of them have new computers, laptops, iPads and other tablet-type of devices, mobile phones, video games and many other valuable items that can be stolen while at class or from book bags in the library and other places. If they use bicycles or scooters to go to and from class and other places, those also can be stolen by thieves who like to prey upon college students who might be naïve and leave their things vulnerable to theft.

It’s not just textbooks thieves target anymore. With the proliferation of laptop computers, tablet devices and mobile phones on college campuses, stealing a book bag left unattended for even a few moments can result in hundreds of dollars in losses. And many bicycle and scooter thieves like to target college campuses knowing many students buy new, expensive bicycles and scooters to ride to class and will leave them unattended for up to hours at a time.

Even with a strong U-lock attached, many thieves have figured out ways to thwart the anti-theft devices, such as using freezing agents or bottle jacks to break the pricey locks. Because renters insurance of portable and insures items while away from the rented premises, items damaged or stolen while away from the student housing still would be covered up to policy limits.

Room break-ins and thefts also are common on many college campuses. Even residence halls that require student IDs to get into them prime spots for thieves who might or might not be enrolled in the college and somehow have managed to get past any security checkpoints, which often times are manned by distracted college students. Many thieves on college campuses also turn out to be enrolled in the schools and just want to steal the things other people own.

College students also can be careless individuals who might accidentally cause a loss by damaging or destroying expensive Audio-Video gear, computers, video games and other costly items that could be covered by a very affordable renters insurance policy

Mike Heuer is a former insurance producer in Nevada with expertise in Property & Casualty and Life and Health insurance. He also is a former newspaper reporter with 20 years’ experience in print media.